“Organic” Can’t Save Us

In twenty years your beloved organic foods, beverages, cookware, and cleaning products could be no more organic than today’s Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are real food.


For decades we’ve been aware that the delicious, 100% Angus Beef Ball Park Franks your dad grilled up over the weekend contain no more beef than the weiners you can buy from a cart down the street. Regardless, your mother opts for the pricier, “healthy” option every time she runs to the store. Why?

Because the last few years have seen an enormous spike in health awareness of younger generations. As a people we are increasingly more concerned about what we put into our bodies. The mistakes of our parents and grandparents taught that ill health in young adulthood will have an adverse effect on quality of life.

Enter the modern food processing giants of our day: Tyson, Nestle, Kraft, General Mills, etc… Seeking to capitalize on the demand for healthy food options, these corporations pump out products labeled “All Natural”, “Sugar Free”, “Fat Free”, “Whole/Multi-Grain”.

Snap back to 2014 and the news can’t write food exposé articles fast enough. Everywhere you turn there’s another “What’s really in the (Insert food) you eat everyday?” article. Or the countless number of television series and movies that seek to expose the truth about nearly every food consumed in the United States. There’s no doubt you’ve heard the term “Pink-Slime” upon several occasions in previous months.

BTW, Food Inc. is an incredible documentary providing an unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry.

The truth is, the food giants we’ve come to know and love have lied about nutrition since the beginning. Only in recent years has the public had both the knowledge and resources to combat our nations food crisis. Unfortunately, the products meant to shut us up are hardly an improvement over their “lesser” counterparts. This raises the question “Will we ever truly be have access to the same quality food that our grandparents had eighty some-odd years ago?”

The answer is No.

As the demand for organic food rises,  so will the pressure on the aforementioned companies to provide us what we desire. With the aid of advertising, most will fall victim to and accept these false products as the healthy alternative.

But, for as long as we struggle  to produce enough food to feed the growing population of developed nations, these companies will never have the resources to truly deliver what the people want and need. For decades corporations have meticulously cut costs of production to increase profit, resulting in the continued lowering of quality over time.

Unable to profit from true organics, most will falsely label their products and the standard for Certified Organic foods will likely decrease as a result. Unfortunately, the demand for food is only going to increase, and with it our ability to produce “real” food will diminish.

The food giants mentioned above are only a handful of the companies we rely on to stay alive. With nearly all of them having a hand in every stage of production, from planting to harvesting, and birth to slaughter, the outlook is bleak.


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