Will We Face the Same Fate?

The other week I was on the phone with my grandfather who explained to me that he had finally upgraded his ancient flip-phone to a new Samsung Galaxy S “something”. My first thought:

Well that was stupid, seeing as you won’t even be able to call me to ask how to call me.

We’ve all been there. A grandparent, parent, aunt, or uncle, that ‘s completely clueless when it comes to working anything that doesn’t rely on gears and sprockets. Fortunately, we are skilled in mastering every device we lay hands on without as much as blinking at the instruction manual.

It’s obvious that our elders have had no easy time transitioning to the digital era. They are arguably one of the few generations to wind up so completely out of their realm in such a short amount of time. So,

“Will we face the same fate as the generations before us?”  

Simply put, of course not.


If, in fifty years, you see yourself just as lost as your grandma when she attempts to send a text message, chances are you were left in the dust long, long ago.

Luckily, upwards of 97% of our generation own a computer, 94% own a cell phone, and 56% an MP3 player. That means we know just a little about technology. Haven’t you noticed kindergartners with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch’s? We were born on the brink of, and grew up in, the digital age. The ability to adapt to changing technology is a trait so deeply engrained in our psyche that it would require surgery to remove it (not possible).

So no, unless we live to see the dawn of another revolution (i.e. industrial, technological, etc…) we should theoretically be able to keep our heads above water just long enough. The fact that we certainly may lose the mental capacity to do so is another realm entirely. If we aren’t still plagued by dementia and Alzheimer’s we just might be able to teach our grandkids a thing or two.


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