The Mission

My goal here is three things:

  1. Connect with young adults who recognize the faults in higher education.
  2. Connect with driven individuals who confidently possess the capacity to actualize their dreams and control their future.
  3. Contribute every piece of beneficial information I have and will come across in my path to success.

I’m surrounded by people who, at 20-21 years old, are entirely convinced that earning a degree and nabbing an entry-level job at a decent corporation, only to spend the next five decades working towards a middle to upper-middle management position is it. And by ‘it’ I mean life.

The past decade proved that technology will only continue to make climbing the “personal” ladder to success preferable to a corporate one.  We live in a world where elementary ideas spawn multi-million dollar corporations.

Ultimately, I want to communicate with those who share a similar perception on life. Communicating with like-minded people is essential to following one’s passions. Stick around if you agree or stick around if you don’t because inspiration is contagious.

Featured Image: Hawai’i 1997 Photo By [Patrik M. Loeff]

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