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I think I’m starting to appear crazy to my friends and family. I devote so much thought and energy to the seemingly endless number of opportunities out there that it’s almost all I talk about.

Most people I talk to perceive it as something negative. They believe that only a genius is capable of making productive use of time spent outside the classroom. The mentality that graduating college is the ONLY goal a twenty-something should have during a 4+ period of life is detestable, yet rampant.

Theres no denying that GPA plays a role in landing a job. But, the fact of the matter is that the vast majority who devote their early twenties to excelling in school haven’t the slightest proof that the time and effort will be appropriately rewarded in the future.

College requires a wealth of hard work, determination and perseverance to graduate with a respectable GPA. No surprise there. But what really separates myself from someone that views college as the current goal, is our ultimate goal.

It comes down to what you truly want out of life (and I mean all of it).

Don’t get me wrong, I want to graduate with the highest GPA attainable, but I recognize the value in having eggs in more than one basket.

It’s a notion many of my peers simply fail to understand. They can’t see the light that is modern technology. And, while higher education is a wonderful avenue for learning about life, it doesn’t necessarily make life any easier. Well my friend, technology does.

Grasp the concept that the ability to use, wield, and ultimately create technology is equal in value to any degree and you might just find yourself in an entirely new state of mind. If you’re already a technology major I’m certainly not blowing your mind here. Realize that even more opportunity is available to those of us studying technology, if you can depart from the typical college mindset.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

                                                                        – Unknown

Don’t neglect schoolwork and grades. Spend an increasing amount of time each day pondering a means to success other than your degree. Think of it as a fallback, albeit a very solid one. Find a subject you’re passionate about and necessity will reveal opportunity in the strangest of places.

So, I encourage you to simply start thinking. It’s the first step towards recognizing a future other than the one you’re already beginning to accept.

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