So lately I’ve been thinking: How do I start collecting all this ‘helpful’ information I’ve alluded to?

The answer lies in the underlying reasons behind my choice to (re)pursue a blog. There are two:

First, I recognize that I see things differently. Realistically, there are plenty of like-minded people who share my thought processes and open-mindedness, but our paths have yet to cross. At least in the right way…

Second, I will be successful. I want to help people like myself in any way possible, and in turn help myself.

I don’t exactly where to go from this point either, but I can guarantee I’ll eventually be somewhere. I know no better way to help others than by personal experience. So as I collect my thoughts and start the gears turning on this whole entrepreneur thing, I want to share every thought process along the way.

I’ve identified the most immediate hurdles as brainstorming and idea development. The plan is to learn everything from the ground up.

I’m glad to have finally narrowed it down to just this skill set. I should hopefully now be able to improve the frequency and relevance of my posts.


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