Music is Tight if You Listen Right

An Incredible Source of Inspiration

Today I’ve decided it’s time to spread the word and share those artists that really make an impression on me. I’m a fan of nearly every genre so after picking up my first pair of studio-quality headphones last week I’ve been particularly obsessed.

Over the years I’ve slowly drifted away from mainstream music so don’t expect your average rapper or pop-star to make an appearance. Here’s a quick guide for getting past any initial distaste in new music:


  • Eliminate bias, preconceived notions, etc…
  • Sit down and relax. Expending little energy will increase blood flow to the ears and improve hearing sensitivity.
  • Keep an open mind, assume you don’t know what’s coming.
  • Begin at a low volume. Let your ears ‘perk up’ before slowly increasing the volume to the level you perceive as best.


  • Eliminate distractions. Make music the current activity.
  • While at a low volume tune-in and detect each instrument and the artist’s voice (if present).
  • Now force yourself not to focus on one, but all at once.
  • When you hear ‘one’ sound rather than individual parts, start to up the volume.
  • Understand the lyrics & maintain an idea of what’s being said, you’ll know instantly if this is something you would like.


  • Put in a few more listens from the same artist/album OR listen to the song again until you feel it.
  • Immediate love? Proceed.

So it’s Love?

  1. New or old artist? Depending on the genre he/shewillhavereleasedadebut mixtape or album.
    • Hip-Hop/Rap? Head to DatPiff.
    • Everything else? Wikipedia and iTunes are the move.
  2. Locate their earliest or most popular release. The choice is yours, but an immediate fan should seek the former.
  3. Purchase or acquire said music and refer back to the beginning of this guide.
  4. Experience their chronological evolution by downloading subsequent albums/mixtapes.

Give What You Get

Follow this process and your true opinion of an artist is tested. Don’t proclaim fandom after hearing a groups fifth studio album. In most cases you’ll never look back at the decades of work that shaped what you just heard. Wait too long and it’s possible you’ll find dislike in what usually becomes known as their greatest work. ‘The beginning’ is when personalities shine and a real connection with an artist develops. If down the road you find them in your top five you’ll have a deeper appreciation for what they’ve done and a better knowledge of who they really are.

Patience is a Virtue

We often have more in common with a recording artist than we initially think. The beauty in music is in discovery. It’s experiencing and uncovering similarities between two people that were previously unknown. It’s finding a connection with a stranger, no matter how famous, who empathizes with you and vice-versa. So never close the door on a particular band or genre. The chance is great that you simply haven’t allowed enough time to find a connection.

Drum roll please…

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