The Mission

 A wealth of opportunity awaits those who dare to venture beyond the conventional mindset.

Connect with driven individuals who desire to actualize dreams by creating the future:

Like myself, most everyone I meet who demonstrates the open-mindedness, desire, and capability to effectively utilize the creative mind lacks the resources to capitalize on it. Networking is difficult and requires connections that the average twenty year old simply doesn’t have. So, we’re left with two options: spend valuable time and effort networking in the hope of finding a mentor; or use the only resource a 90’s child has ever known, the Internet.

Contribute everything of value I come across in my personal journey to success:

While I continue to search for the most effective method to learn and benefit from interactions with you, MillennialHero will consist of every thought, insight, and idea beneficial to my own journey. I don’t have a long-term plan; only the hope that my experience alone is enough to get people’s attention. In the meantime, I want to unite like-minded people because together our personal milestones become no more than minor road bumps..

Help students recognize the shortcomings of, and immense value in, higher education:

The previous decade proved that climbing the “personal ladder” to success has potential to be far more rewarding than the corporate alternative. Remember, we live in a world where an idea is either priceless, or worthless.


Inspiration is Contagious


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